Blenders, My Experiences

You might find this hard to believe, but I had never used or even owned any blenders until I was married. Of course, I also hadn't used a toaster over and a bunch of other household appliances, but my wife found the idea of not using blenders as a bit strange. After all, hadn't I ever done homemade chocolate shakes before? I was amazed; you could make chocolate shakes at home? She'd rolled her eyes. Of course you could, she explained; that was the most economical way of doing it! Didn't I know that? Well, I didn't. As we'd gotten a couple blenders as wedding presents, she introduced me to the joys of cheap chocolate shakes. I think I had about ten that first week. Yeah, a bit much, I know.

A couple months into our marriage, we happened to be at the mall and we went by a smoothie stand. I asked what that was, as I'd also never had one them. Oh, she just had to show me them! I watched as the attendant put crushed ice, different kids of fruit, some juice, and some honey in two of a line of blenders she had on the counter. I got some sort of strawberry medley, and my wife got a papaya surprise (or, something like that). It was a truly delicious drink, and a very affordable means of getting a good amount of fruit in our bodies. After all, you need several serving a day to stay healthy.

Right about that same time, I started a new job in the next city, Sarasota. While a great position, the commute was going to be a bugger! I had to wonder: how was I going to have time for breakfast in the morning? What, was I going to have to get up before dawn, or get drive-thru? Not only wasn't the latter very healthy, but it'd run into some money. That's when my wife suggested using one of our blenders to make a homemade smoothie for breakfast. It was fast, cheap, and I could put it in a big coolie cup and take it with me.

As it happened, I had also recently learned that I was hypoglycemic; I suffered from low blood sugar. So, I needed to eat good natural foods high in natural sugars, not all the refined stuff most people eat. With refined sugars, they give you a sugar spike to your bloodstream, but then leave your system very quickly. So, the spike is quickly followed by a low. Not good for someone in my condition!

By making a smoothie in one of our blenders, and then sipping it over the course of the morning, I could keep my blood sugar level steady and even. Also, as my wife insisted on pointing out, smoothies are high in fiber, and they would help me to stay regular. Leave it to a wife to be like a mother, and worry about how often you go to the bathroom!

So, we bought ourselves a bunch of frozen fruit, a bunch of bananas, and a big jug of orange juice. I had wanted frozen blueberries (my favorite), but they weren't in season. Buying them would not have been cheap; so we went with some more affordable fruits.

That first morning, standing before the blenders, I asked about the crushed ice and honey. My wife explained that they weren't needed; they were used in the stores. The ice gave bulk, and the honey sweetness. With our homemade smoothie, the frozen fruit was enough bulk; the banana would help bind everything together, and between the fruit and the juice were sweet enough.

Those blenders of ours proved very useful. Since that day, not a day's gone by that we haven't used blenders for a host of cooking needs. Chief among them, making smoothies and chocolate shakes.