How to maintain your blender

There are a great number of electronic items that we normally use in our homes for making our household work easier. Blenders are one such kind of appliance that helps people in mixing drinks, chopping vegetables and also in preparing purees. They can be used for a number of kitchen jobs making them quite an essential part of a modern kitchen. There are different varieties of blenders that can be found in the market. They come in a wide range of prices. While there are some really expensive blenders one can even get cheap ones. Whatever be the price of the blender you buy it is of utmost experience to maintain it well.

Blenders usually consist of a number of parts, among which the largest one is called the pitcher. The pitcher in most blenders is either made of plastic or of glass and usually has a lid on the top.

There is a blade assembly in all types of blenders on the base of the pitcher. In some blenders this blade assembly can be removed while in other they tend to be fixed permanently. The base of all the blenders contains a motor that is controlled by electricity and whose speed can be varied as per requirement.

The blenders need to be well maintained so that they can be used effectively over a long period of time. Many people use blenders to crush ice, this results in the blades losing their sharpness. If however you need to crush ice you should add some liquid along with the ice. Doing this helps the blades to crush ice without much pressure on the blades and as a result the blades work fine for a long time.

The motors in the blenders should not be used continuously for more than two minutes. This is because the motor is designed to work for shorter durations and using them for longer intervals could be damaging for the motor. It is advisable that you keep the motor off for a while after using it for around two minutes and then only start the motor.

As blenders run on electricity one should never keep it in direct contact with water. Cleaning should be done using a damp cloth and should then be dried using a soft type of cloth. Many blenders are found to have food particles getting accumulated around the buttons, which need to be cleaned with a toothbrush. In case there are deposits of grease they should be removed using a mild detergent.

As blenders turn old they can be used for various other purposes like mixing paint using them. Thus you can always put blenders to use even if they cannot be used to help in the kitchen. You should never throw away a blender just because it does not blend food well.

Blenders have been used for many years by people and it will surely not lose its popularity so fast. Using the above mentioned tips one can be able to get maximum use out of their blenders.